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Autumn Foliage

Our Downtown Manchester Scarecrows

Downtown Manchester has played host to a yearly scarecrow festival. The following scarecrows are our music-themed designs over the years.

2010 Mad Conductor 2.jpg


The Mad Conductor

The Mad Conductor was created using a cello body, a violin body, two flute lyres for arms, marching band gloves, saxophone pad eyes, guitar string hair, a violin shoulder pad mouth, and a conductor's baton.


Beethoven with Head of Mad Conductor

A play on Cellini's Perseus with the Head of Medusa, this scarecrow was constructed with a cello body, cello necks for arms, burlap-covered Styrofoam head, and re-used the previous year's scarecrow head.

2011 Beethoven with Head of Mad Conductor.jpg
2012 Grim Rocker.jpg


Grim Rocker

The Grim Rocker was constructed with a PAR can light reflector head, a broken strap display for a torso, practice pad stands for arms and fingers; a music stand, guitar pickup, spare tuning machines, and a scrap of cymbal comprise the Grim Rocker's "guitar".


Alby Bach

Alby Bach combined the arms of "The Grim Rocker" and "Beethoven", a cello torso and guitar amplifier jewel eye.

2013 Alby Bach.jpg
2014 Smashing Pumpkin.jpg


The Smashing Pumpkin

Our lightest-weight scarecrow, comprised mostly of music stands, also featured drum sticks and a broken planter (converted to a drum).


Boris the Spider

With a nod to the band The Who, Boris the Spider was made with pipe insulation legs, film canister (what's a film canister?) eyes and leftover amplifier cloth and packing for the body.

2015 Boris the Spider.jpg
2016 Composerator.jpg


The Composerator

The Composerator told you, "Alby Bach"... with some minor  instrument "upgrades." 


That's A Wrap

Our wrapped rapping mummy was constructed with blinds as wrapping, headphone ears, painted chainsaw chains, and an ancient microphone.

2017 Thats a Wrap.jpg
2018 Mr Bow Jangles.jpg


Mr. Bow Jangles

With a tambourine head, violin and viola bow arms and legs, Mr. Bow Jangles was created to honor Bill Robinson's dancing and the countless covers of the famous Jerry Jeff Walker tune.


The Screeching Cello

The Screeching Cello was constructed with a cello body head, fluorescent light diffuser for the cutouts on the face, a solar-powered light to illuminate the cutouts at night, and a host of spiders.

2019 Screeching Cello.jpg
2020 Rock n Troll.JPG


Rock 'n Troll

Rock 'n Troll pays homage to the great Eddie Van Halen. Constructed of scrap fabric and instrument packing material, guitar strings, and a thrift-store rocking chair. This Troll ROCKS!


Willie Nelson - Farm-Aid Hero

This legendary musician was our choice for the 2021 scarecrow theme of "Heroes". Willie has been instrumental in raising awareness about family farmers, good food, soil and water, and strong communities. This scarecrow was a departure from our normal "instrument-centric" designs, but features a re-used instrument as "Trigger," Willie's trusty guitar sidekick.

2021 Willie Nelson Farm Aid Hero.jpg
2022 Music ManChester (2).JPG


Music Man Chester

For the 2022 theme of "all things Manchester," we created Music Man Chester. With a violin head, guitar string hair, saxophone pad eyes, violin bridge eyebrows, viola tailpiece nose, harmonica mouth, trombone arms and legs, a cello body, a tambourine, and a conductor's baton; this scarecrow highlights local arts groups, locations, and events on a piano-themed wardrobe.


Wonderful World

This aspiring trumpeter dreams of becoming the next Louis Armstrong.  We hope all music students will think to themselves: "What a wonderful world!" Obviously, this piece uses a trumpet, but the structure is also comprised of lots of instrument packing, guitar strings, and miscellaneous brass bits and pieces.

2023 Wonderful World.JPG
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