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Marla Wiley


Mrs. Marla Wiley grew up in a musical home and began taking piano lessons at age 7. Her love for music grew quickly and at 12 she started playing the piano in church. She studied piano for 10 years and enjoyed playing keyboard in jazz bands, accompanying choirs, and performing solos. Her love of playing turned into a love of teaching. For 28 years now, she has taught students piano in Boston and Cape Cod and presently teaches at Bellers Music and at her home. Mrs. Wiley also completed coursework to be the Certified Music Teacher at The Cornerstone Christian School in Manchester, where she taught Pre-K through Middle School students for over 10 years.


She teaches many genres of music, but her specialty is sacred music. Students learn music theory, notation, scales, arpeggios, accompanying, and more, using various curriculums and music apps. Mrs. Wiley believes it is important for her students to share their music, so she holds two Recitals each year and also provides opportunities for her students to perform throughout the community.


The 50 Day Dash, designed by Mrs. Wiley, is a fun competitive incentive program that challenges students to improve practice habits. Other music teachers use her program as well, with great success. Her business, GraceNotes Piano Instruction, also provides workshops for her students on composition, piano mechanics, tuning, recording, and more. Mrs. Wiley is passionate about teaching and instilling in her students, a love for making music that will last a lifetime!

Marla: Meet the Team
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