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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Here's a little update to let you know what changes we've made to keep our shop as safe as can be.

From March through the middle of November, we had shifted to curbside pickup/dropoff only. In that time, we developed some procedures which utilize the CDC guidelines as their base. Now that the physical store is open to the public again you may notice some changes.

Use Hand Sanitizer
Our New Door Greeter

We ask that all customers please sanitize their hands in the lobby; instruments such as guitars and orchestral strings are near on impossible to sanitize without damaging their finishes. Sanitizing prior to playing or browsing may help reduce the potential for hard surface contamination.

We ask that all customers wear some form of mouth and nose covering before entering. You'll also find the staff wearing masks, some varieties we have available for purchase should you want to look as stylish as we do.

Please Wait Here Sign

There are some dedicated waiting spaces marked on the floor for the checkout process.

Plexiglass Shield, Green Lantern

There is also a physical plexiglass barrier at the counter with little warning indicators just letting you know that something is there.

Additionally, common surfaces like the door handles and countertops are cleaned with approved disinfectants on a regular basis. These basic policies are fluid and allow us to make changes as circumstances dictate. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions if you have any concerns. We are continuing to offer curbside service, so if you're not yet comfortable with coming inside, we would be happy to bring your order out to your car.

Be well and stay well.

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